Do you truly love where you live? Are you proud of where you came from? Is there any sort of loyalty that comes out a place where you choose (or don't choose) to grow roots?

I have lived in Detroit for almost two years now, and I know that I never want to leave. The city is so vibrant and full of history. The highs have been high, the lows terrible low. But this city is abundant with people who have grit and a fierce love for their city. I've never, ever, seen so much pride for not just sports teams, but the neighborhood that you come from. 

However, that wasn't easy to see when I first came here. I was a teacher for about a year and a half. I taught in an inner-city charter school in Detroit. I don't have my soapbox ready to go for speaking about the education disaster that is Detroit, my students gave me life. They were difficult. That's the only word I can use to describe the pain that I went through every day teacher. But they were also beautiful. Kind. Loyal. Brutally honest. And it was so interesting to listen to them speak about Detroit. So many of them seemed ashamed of where they came from. They were hyper aware that they were disadvantage in more than one way because of where they were born. As they were getting closer to graduation, they weren't shy about voicing their opinion about their city. "Ms. Ro, I can't WAIT to get out of Detroit!" "This city is a damn mess." They couldn't understand why loved the city and wanted to grow roots here. 

Now that I am out of the education sector, I see the entirely different side of the spectrum. I work in Downtown Detroit and the amount of "Made in Detroit" or "Detroit vs Everybody" signs are almost overwhelming. People are SO proud to be creating, making, living in this city. 

As for me... let's just say I'm never planning to leave.

What do you think? Are you proud of where you come from or where you live? Let me know! 



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